It seems like almost every celebrity is getting their phone hacked or having their videos stolen, but is it really that easy? What is Spyware? Should you be worried about your devices? Spyware is a program that records a user’s interaction with a device and internet without the infected user’s knowledge. Spyware can be a stealthy file that hides its process and files in other objects on the device to avoid detection. Spyware can propagates through downloads, piggybacking on software installations, masquerading as anti-spyware, vulnerable web browsers, browser add-ons, and cookies.

Spyware can cut the systems performance, place desktop shortcuts to malicious sites, steal personal information, track user activities, display annoying pop ups or redirect users to other sites, add more bookmarks to favorites list, and decrease overall security level of the infected device.

Though Spyware has a bad name, it can also be used for good reason. Many investigators, law enforcement, employers, and even parents have the capable of using Spyware as tools to aid in data retrieval for investigative purpose.

Spyware has different characteristics and could be placed within any of the categories listed below. Included below are also a few links to some spyware. Though links are provided to some spyware it is by no means an effort to encourage the utilization of spyware. The goal is show how easy it is to use these types of Spyware and to encourage awareness.

  • Cellphone and Telephone Spyware– Telephone and Cellphone Spyware monitors and records phone calls, text message. This type of spyware is also capable of tracking and sending data to user on the infected users device.
  • GPS Spyware – This type of Spyware can track your place.
  • Audio Spyware- Audio Spyware monitors and records sound on a device. It is also capable of recording voice chats, messages, and voicemail.
    • Robonanny, Stealth Recorder Pro, or Spy Voice Recorder
  • USB Spyware – USB Spyware copies files from USB devices to the device hard drive.
  • Screen Capture Spyware – This type of spyware can take screenshots of a device and is capable of recording keystrokes, mouse, and printer activity.
  • Desktop Spyware– This type of spyware provides information about what network the user is on and the other devices that are connected. This type of spyware can create live recordings of the users’ desktop, log users’ keystrokes, record and store activities as well as software usage.
  • Email and Internet Spyware– This type of Spyware can watch, record, and send incoming and outgoing email.
  • Child Monitoring Spyware – This type of Spyware controls and supervise how children uses the PC and Internet. The Spyware can block children from accessing different sites and block certain keywords. It is also capable of taking screenshots and keystrokes.
  • Video Spyware – Video Spyware can secretly watch and record webcams and video messages. Hackers can remotely view webcams or the camera from your mobile phone.
  • Print Spyware – Print Spyware monitors printer usage and can intercept and retrieve data on the printer.

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Fifteen years ago, Lee Signore joined the military as an Information System Analyst and honorably serving her country for eight years. During her tenure as a soldier she was able to learn and embrace the Army Values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage). She went on to earn her Masters degree in Cyber Security from the University of Maryland University College and several security certifications. She also served as an Information Security Office for the Federal Government managing the information security program and preparing Federal facilities for audits.

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