Procrastination…an old enemy.

Procrastination is a formidable adversary with a friendly face…and it is time to fight back!

Procrastination is both relentless and restless in its efforts of domination and control. This lifelong foe is in a constant state of war with personal advancement and growth. The casualty list is extensive to include: missing important opportunities, letting precious moments slip past with loved ones, opting out of physical body maintenance in favor of doing it later and so much more. The list continues in similar fashion with a familiar trend. We often gravitate to what is easiest in the moment and not what is ultimately best for us.

Procrastination is a master of deception who whispers sweet nothings to us about how we can afford to push things until another time. It tells us that the paper can wait until the night before to write it. It tells us that even though we are unhappy in a situation, we can simply wait until later to address it. Procrastination has no shame and will even interfere with our personal relationships. It will tell us that there is always next year to attend a family reunion. It will suggest that you don’t call a loved one back because certainly it can wait another day. What it fails to mention to us is that the loved one that we didn’t call back could have really needed someone in that moment. Procrastination also hides the truth of the newly added stress for completing last minute tasks and efforts. It doesn’t advise us that a family may not be as complete next year as it is this year.

It is our responsibility to ourselves along with those we care about to never concede any ground in the fight for our personal growth and development. Procrastination has many agents to help further its agenda that we must always stay vigilant of. Vices and distractions to include: drugs, pornography, media programs and toxic environments are all known conspirators in league with procrastination. There are more subtle agents to be on the lookout for also. Lower vibrating emotional states such as fear, anger and jealously can also hinder our personal progression.

For some of us, the fight is not easy. I understand. Putting a face to the enemy helps us to construct our defenses and formulate a strategy. If we can remember that life is but a grand classroom filled with untold lessons to learn and are gained by simply living and experiencing, then there should never be a force that tells you that you don’t have to go any further. To my brothers and sisters at arms, keep up the fight because you are not the only ones around you who feels the sting of a lost battle when procrastination triumphs.


About Lee Signore

Fifteen years ago, Lee Signore joined the military as an Information System Analyst and honorably serving her country for eight years. During her tenure as a soldier she was able to learn and embrace the Army Values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage). She went on to earn her Masters degree in Cyber Security from the University of Maryland University College and several security certifications. She also served as an Information Security Office for the Federal Government managing the information security program and preparing Federal facilities for audits.

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