Mother, Wife, Disabled Veteran, Performance Coach, Mentor, Adjunct Professor, Speaker, Blogger, Podcast Host, Philanthropist, and Cyber-Security Professional

I started Cyber Misfits because my personal beliefs that cyber-security and IT training, professional development, mentoring, and coaching should be affordable and obtainable. I spent a great deal time in my profession learning skills on my own and was it proven to be a very daunting task. I did not have a mentor, coach, or guidance from my fellow industry peers and learned things the hard way. I would never wish that onto anyone.

My strive and motivation for greatness made me one of the youngest executive within the information security field by the age of 26 in my organization. As my career progressed, I found myself mentoring and coaching my peers, assisting them with career goals, and giving them the motivation that I never received and I encourage each and every one of the to not quit. I found my passion. It brought me great joy whenever I was able to help someone to meet their goal and to succeed.

I will not let you quit nor will I allow you to sabotage yourself from reaching your full potential. I love helping other to succeed and helping them to live their dream and to become the best version of themselves.

Get to Know Me


Adjunct Professor, Introduction to Operating Systems

ECPI University, CIS Department

Previous Positions

Information Security Engineer for Linux/Unix Nov 2016 – April 2018

Information Security Officer Sept 2012 – Nov 2016

Information System Analyst, May 2003 – May 2012


Master of Cybersecurity – University of Maryland University College

BA in Cybersecurity minor Computing – University of Maryland University College

AA in Information System Administration – ITT Technical University


CompTia Advance Security Practitioner, Certified  Ethical Hacker, Security+, Network+, Linux, ITIL

 Technology Knowledge 

Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, Certification & Accreditation, FISMA Compliance &Implementation; HIPAA Security Rule Compliance & Implementation; NIST SP 800-53 Security Controls; Data Analysis; Network & System Security; Threat Analysis & Risk Management; Vulnerability & Risk Assessments; Configuration Management; Business Continuity & Contingency Planning; Authentication & Access Control; System Monitoring; Regulatory Compliance; System Integration Planning; Multitier Network Architectures, Enterprise Data Architecture; Training and Awareness; System & Network Administration; Linux/Unix Administration, Solaris Administration, Project Management; Disaster Recovery; Cyber Security 

Security Technology Knowledge

NIST 800-53 Revision 4; PKI Digital Certificates (Soft and Hard certificates); Anti-Virus Tools; Patch Management; Host-based Intrusion Prevention Systems; Network Intrusion Preventions systems; Media Sanitization/Data Purging; Web Inspector & Content Filtering; Internet Monitoring System; Sanctuary; Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE); Multifactor Authentication 

Application/System/Software Languages Knowledge 

Agiliance RiskVision Open GRC; VA Privacy & Security Events Tracking System (PSETS); VistA; Big Fix; Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA); Computerize Patient Record System (CPRS); Citrix; Linux; Macintosh; Unix; Linux; Solaris; AIX; Snort; BackTrack, Nmap, Metasploit; Wireshark 

“Mentorship is about having someone you can turn to and not being afraid to be vulnerable with them”.  -Jesse Draper The Valley Girl Show CEO


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Note: Coaching and Mentoring is not the same as therapy. If you need to resolve an issue from your past, have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or have recently experienced trauma or loss, please seek the professional help of a qualified therapist or social worker in your community right away. Consult your doctor or pastor for a recommendation.