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A #METOO Backlash is Brewing

Why is it so hard to find Mentors? Have you considered obtaining a Mentor? Since the establishment of the #METOO liberation movement, more men have opted for a more grossly misogynist response to mentoring women. In certain career fields dominated by men, this can threaten the advancement of women in leadership positions. One survey arrived at …


Podcast Episode #11

Let me guide you in your career

Lee discusses the new services that Cyber Misfits will be providing. Lee will be mentoring and coaching professionals throughout their career. Finding a mentoring or coach is already hard enough, so why not make it easier on yourself and have someone in your corner rooting for you to succeed.



T-Mobile Hacked!

T-Mobile Hacked!

T-Mobile Hacked — 2 Million Customers’ Personal Data Stolen T-Mobile confirmed that the telecom giant suffered a massive security breach on its US servers on August 20 that may have resulted in the leak of “some” personal information of up to 2 million T-Mobile customers. Though no financial information was stolen, personal data such as address and …