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A mentor is a trusted guide who motivates, inspires, and supports people in order for them to achieve their goals and aspirations. A mentoring relationship can be formal or informal, and is focused on achieving the goals and aspirations of the mentee.
A mentor serves as a coach, sounding board, and voice of reason. Professional mentors are trusted resources who are skilled at: -Active listening -Identifying behaviors that are holding you back -Inspiring you to be brave and take on new challenges -Offering encouragement -Asking challenging questions -Developing your leadership skills -Determining how to gain exposure and visibility within an organization -Developing change agility -Building confidence
You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you do not want to renew, you must cancel your subscription 72 hours before the renewal date. You are responsible for taking this action before your next renewal payment, no exceptions. You are responsible for the full subscription initial fee in the event of cancellation. Please see our refund policy to find out how to cancel and for full details surrounding cancellations.
Please shop with caution as all digital products, memberships, subscription are non-refundable as you will receive access to the content immediately. *Refunds are only granted within the trial period for initial memberships subscription. *Refunds will granted for workshops as long as cancellations occur 14 days prior to the start of the workshop. A $45 cancelation fee will be deducted from refund amount as a downloadable workbook is made available to you at the time of purchase. Refunds will not be granted for miss sessions as a MP3 will be provided to each participant.
No refunds will be issued on any downloadable products (pictures, templates, books, etc.). Every effort will be made to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your mentor however, if you are unsatisfied a refund will be issued as stated within your mentor agreement.
Invest time in the Discovery Phase. Within the Discovery Phase we will have a 30 minute conversation to see if mentoring is the right fit for you and also if I will be the right fit for your journey.
Sharing is not permitted
Yes, upon cancellation of your subscription you will lose your active status. If you decide to return into our memberships/subscription at a later date, you will be concerned a new member and pay the current price for membership.

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